Pocahontas District info needed!

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Fri Apr 19 06:06:20 EDT 2013

I am building a large model railroad based on the Pokey! I am looking for
any maps photos drawings that anyone might have for this area! I am
especially interested in anything to do with the engine servicing facilities at
Williamson. I am looking for building dimensions for many of the buildings an
architectural drawing of the Lubritorium would especially help! If possible
I would like to exchange notes with Mr. Vern French. I have his book and
actually saw his model in Williamson many years ago. Although at that time
the model was in terrible shape stored in the back room of a hotel if memory
serves! They had visions of setting it up in the lobby. Does anyone know
if this ever happened! I have made several trips to the area.
Thanks in advance for any help!
Ray Russell Sr.

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