PFM N&W 'A' 2-6-6-4 repair problems

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Mon Feb 25 17:29:58 EST 2013

I acquired a PFM N&W Class 'A' 2-6-6-4 that had been pretty beat-up
and had the wrong tender. I have been repairing and restoring it, but
have run into a few issues that I hope someone on the list can help
me with.

1.) The top flange on the rear cylinder block is missing. I have a
feeling that it was ripped off trying to separate the rear mechanism
from the boiler (without removing the screw), and then lost :(( I
will have to make a new one, but my question is if the flange plate
sits on top of the cylinder block, or is it wrapped around the sides
of the saddle ?

2.) The pilot assembly I have is badly bent and missing the ladders,
railings, and platform. I think I can rebuild it, but if anyone has a
PFM 'A' pilot assembly they could sell me, it would be a lot better.
Anyone ?

3.) I badly need a tender for this engine. Is there any difference
between the tenders of the PFM 'A' and Y-6b, or of different runs ?
Anyone know where I could get one ?

4.) This engine has an angled cylinder on the frame underneath the
engineers position. I think it is supposed to represent a grate
shaker , but I haven't found a prototype picture to confirm or deny
this theory. Is a grate shaker cylinder under the cab correct for a
class 'A' ? Also it looks to be missing a part on the top middle of
the angled cylinder. Would it be a lever, or what ?

5) Did any of PFM's 'A' runs have brake shoe hangers ? (mine doesn't)


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