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Thanks everyone who posted!
Happy Railroading and Holidays,

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I have a Jawn Henry, its been seriously worked over mechanically, but the
original drive is intact but changed the motor(s) to 1 large motor, swapped
trucks front back on one end, project is bigger to descibe than what I will
Anyways I tried a QSI Veranda Turbine decoder on it, killed the diesel sound
so only the turbine sound ran, sounded convincing enough, but I'm told the
Jawn was more a Whoosh and when idle the turbine was off while the veranda
But the decoder failed, I sent it in to QSI and they replaced it (with a new
titan version no less,,yippeee) but I am squeamish to install it right now,
right now I have a digitrax 4 amp decoder installed, no sound.
I couldnt find the email but someone took a normal steam sound decoder,
killed the chuff and pushed the blowdown full volume, or the generator.
I havent solved doing sound yet for the Jawn, it probably needs to be able
to have variable turbine sound whoosh and off when idle.
Probably something for the sound decoder folks to work out.
Since Division point has brought theirs out, there's more Jawns out there
Perhaps we should email one of them sound decoder makers, ESU decoders are
programmable, dunno if they have a turbine, Digitrax has a sound decoder
thats programmable also.
Both have downloadable projects sounds.

-Lynn Willer-

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> Just wondering if anyone has installed sound in a Jawn Henry?


> Any suggestions on what to use?


> Stephen Rineair

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