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We have installed sound in a Jawn Henry. It is not perfect but does get the mood across. I have rebuilt ALco models Jawn. We intall two decoders in the monster one a regular decoder for one motor and another sound decoder for the other. We used a TSU heavy steam deocder. What we did in turn off the chuffing CV, turn up the dynamo cv up for the turbine whine and then used the blow off feature to simulate the exhaust. I do know that the exhaust was not as sharp as the blow off but again creates the mood.

As for the horn built into the Tsu decoder is a single blat horn used on some heavy steam, not right but after the expense of getting Jawn to run well I could not see using a tsu decoder for the 3 to 5 chime horn needed. One thing for us N&W folks is there is a HOOTER whistle option also. All of this fine work was done by John Kaspar.

Any questions contact me off list at nwpoca at hotmail.com

To see Jawn in action there is a u tube on my layout

Mike Ritschdorff

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Just wondering if anyone has installed sound in a Jawn Henry?
Any suggestions on what to use?
Stephen Rineair

On another note, I've seen some drawings for the 3rd Rail by Sunset O scale Jawn Henry and it looks to be very nice.

Jimmy Lisle

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