Tender Assignments for Class J and Class A

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The first two digits of the tank number had to do with its water capacity, followed by the tender number. The coal capacity was a separate line that said "XX Tons"

The tanks were assigned originally and a company list is available of the numbers and the locomotives to which they were assigned circa 1952-53. Now it is a distinct possibility that tanks got swapped out during shopping, depending on what was in the shops, how busy the tank shop was, but generally speaking, there was not as much of it done as might be thought.

During the last days of steam, tender swapping became a lot more prevalent, if there was a problem with a tank, determine how much time it takes to fix, if it is too long, go yank one out of the deadline. I have a negative somewhere showing a standard tank stuck behind a streamlined K2 in the deadline.

Tender change outs were often done over the years, as road power got larger tanks, the smaller tanks were bumped down the line to smaller locomotives.

Ken Miller

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> N&W did not assign engine numbers to tenders. Tenders had on the rear a number that associated to its size but also listed its coal and water values.

> When an engine got outshopped, it could end up with a different tender.

> I learned this from the Lost Engines in Roanoke the 4-8-0's that got saved.

> The 4-8-0's got larger tenders later in their careers.

> BTW I hope somebody does the N&W 4-8-0's as they had as huge a role for the N&W as does the J's and Y6's and A's.

> N&W NEVER got 0-8-0 switchers till late in steam, they used these 4-8-0's instead.

> Some Y's had these HUGE 16 wheel truck tenders.

> I have Princeton's book on the N&W which is pretty good reference, I'll poke at it for data tho.


> -Lynn-



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>> Hello All-


>> I am working on artwork for a new run of Broadway Limited Class J and Class

>> A locomotives and need tender assignment numbers.


>> Does anyone have this information that they can share with me?


>> Thank you,


>> Charlie Vlk


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