Tender Assignments for Class J and Class A

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N&W did not assign engine numbers to tenders. Tenders had on the rear a
number that associated to its size but also listed its coal and water
When an engine got outshopped, it could end up with a different tender.
I learned this from the Lost Engines in Roanoke the 4-8-0's that got saved.
The 4-8-0's got larger tenders later in their careers.
BTW I hope somebody does the N&W 4-8-0's as they had as huge a role for
the N&W as does the J's and Y6's and A's.
N&W NEVER got 0-8-0 switchers till late in steam, they used these
4-8-0's instead.
Some Y's had these HUGE 16 wheel truck tenders.
I have Princeton's book on the N&W which is pretty good reference, I'll
poke at it for data tho.


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> Hello All-


> I am working on artwork for a new run of Broadway Limited Class J and Class

> A locomotives and need tender assignment numbers.


> Does anyone have this information that they can share with me?


> Thank you,


> Charlie Vlk


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