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Check out the Walthers 70' ACF baggage car. It is close to the N&W BEg. The old
Rivarossi (AHM) baggage-mail is close to the N&W BMf. And...Walthers once
offered an N&W BEk, which is the same design as the PRR B60 (the doors are
different). Most everything else you will have to kit-bash (unless you can
afford to buy brass from Division Point. They have a very nice M1 (very
expensive) and a BEj (also expensive)

Jim Nichols

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I recently purchased a MTH J Class loco and 5 coaches which both look and run
very well.

 Having viewed a few DVD's and read books I realise that I will require some
head end cars ( baggage cars) and was wondering if anyone on list could point me
in right direction to purchase some.

Thanks in advance

Phil Riley
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