Whats wrong with this video?

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I think it depended on the operational scenario. I grew up in Bluefield,
VA, and the pushers up into Bluefield, WV were always ahead of the caboose.
I *think* - those more familiar than I with the specifics please chime in
- that when trains were filled out (trimmed?) at Farm, and the helpers
added, they configured them at that time. I've read detailed descriptions
that may have had more specifics, but not for a while.

Anyway, pushing eastbound into Bluefield, always ahead of the cab.

Dave Phelps

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I have several N&W videos...in ALL of them, the pusher is pushing on the
Cab! I have never seen a cab at the end of the train with pushers...it would
waste a LOT of time when it was time to cut off!


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That's the way I looked at it. I read an article on it a few years ago. I
can't remember which one. Joe Grzelak

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I guess you have never seen pushers lift a cab off the rails! In this
case, with two pushers, believe me it would be a lot safer to put the cab
behind the engines.



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