Need brass PFM N&W 'A' tender

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Thanks for the detailed tender info ! I looked into a few sources I
have and it looks to me as if I can use any brass 'A' tender, through
I would prefer one made by United/PFM. I could also use the tender
from a Y-6b, through I would have to change the Buckeye trucks for
Commonwealths, not a big deal. Again, I would prefer a PFM.

I was hoping that someone on this list would have a spare tender
floating around that I could purchase, but so far, that hasn't been
the case, so I'll watch eBay and see what happens.


On Jan 30, 2012, at 12:20 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

All the “J” 22k gal tenders had smooth welded sides (no rivets) and
only when placed into freight service at the end of their operation
lives did at least some of the J tenders receive doghouses. All
tenders from any of the imported brass J’s including the J-1’s have
smooth welded sides. None have doghouses.

Precision Scale Models imported 22k gal tenders individually that
would work with Y’s or A’s (later versions and not cheap). I’ve seen
these PSC tenders from time to time on eBay and likewise hit and miss
with Brass dealers (it’s been several years since they were
imported). Beautiful models. You never know what may show-up on
eBay but a tender from either a PFM A or Y would meet your needs.
Much less likely to show up would be tenders from Key, PSC, or
Division Point A’s or Y’s………… but with eBay you never know. Also
simply doing various web searches for N&W HO Brass locomotives and/or
22,0000 gal tenders (try various wordings) will sometimes surprise
you with what shows up. Again, you never know………

Look at the tender and locomotive drawings and pictures on N&WHS web
site -
rollingstock.php?RRSelect=N%26W+Rwy&CatSelect=Tender . There are
many pictures and drawings of N&W tenders to assist in a continuing
education on N&W tenders.

Ed Painter: Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, AR.

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If you need photos of this tender, I can take some images of my PFM.
(it's unpainted too)

Dave Willis
(blt 1962, c/n 4)

Subject: Need brass PFM N&W 'A' tender
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I just got a PFM N&W 'A" 2-6-6-4 'basket case'. I can fix the bent
and missing parts, but it came with a GEM C&O tender - not even
close, so I need the correct tender for this model.

Does anyone have one to sell, or know where I can find one ?

There was a Gem 'J' tender on eBay, and I checked out how close it
might be. Oddly it appears to to the right size and shape, but is
missing the doghouse (not a problem), and rivets (big problem).

Any comments on N&W tender commonality, or variations in 'A' tenders ?





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