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Those are the visible indications of the steam generator installation,
necessary on passenger locomotives such as the N&W Redbird GP-9's to provide
steam for train heating (and for some types of air conditioning systems,
cooling. Not on N&W though, I don't believe). See
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steam_generator_(railroad)) for more general information and some further references. On
diesels, the boiler in the steam generator burned diesel fuel. The piece
to the left is the exhaust for this. Of course, the combustion required
air, and the piece on the right is the (screened) air intake.

Actually, one piece is missing. I'm not sure what it's function is and
couldn't find details in my quick search this morning. See the illustration
s&hash=item5890771c22#ht_500wt_922) . The Details West #118 is, I
believe, accurate for a GP-9 in HO. It's a current production set and readily
available. Apparently Atlas has some O-scale parts for the installation.

Sorry I couldn't provide more definitive information but this should get
you started.

Dave Phelps

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Does anyone what are the two details on top of the passenger GP9 short
hoods? Attached is a model of them. Who makes them in HO and O Scale?Stephen

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