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I saw the N&W car set this weekend and the cars look great. I have a
question about the "extra" cars that are available. The diner is easy, but
all the ads I've seen suggest you can buy extra coaches. Those extra cars
are numbered like they're P3's, but the photos look like others (P1, P2).
Has anyone picked those up? Are they really extra P3 coaches? The N&W bought
more of them, so extras would make sense. I'd hate to buy extra cars and
find out they're not what the train needs.

Phil Miller

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I think it is strange that if they did make a "knock off" of the OMI cars
the "Powhatan Arrow" lettering on the car sides is a different color. I
have never checked on the interior colors on the OMI models but have found
that the different prototype cars had different interior color schemes and
the MTH colors are not completely correct I believe. I want to do a little
more research on that. Regarding amputating the legs off our HO passengers
to seat them; I find that most all HO cars with interiors, at least in my
experience, have the same "problem". Dan Mulhearn, Pipestem WV

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"The reason the mth cars are very similar to the OMI cars is that mth
purchased the OMI cars from a friend of mine and worked off the OMI models."

Imagine that!

Jimmy Lisle

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Dan Mulhearn
Pipestem WV

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