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Thats great RD. I do have a couple of questions. the bridge piers that are standing along the Todd Railroad Grade road were they part of it also I just noticed off hwy 221 going back toward Boone is a bridge pier off in a distance and why was one road called Water Tank Road? thanks. Tony Putnam 

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Great question Tony, I live here and don’t really know the track alignment.  I have a general idea of the location of the station and how the tracks ran in from Smethport and left to travel to Elkland/Todd.  I’ll ask a fried who works in the research section of the Ashe County Library is there is a track plan or city plat which would show the alignment.  I’m thinking the rails to Todd were removed after a flood in 1937 but may be off by several years.
R.D. Williams


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Does anyone know the track plan for West Jefferson, NC for the steam era? thanks Tony Putnam
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