Modelling N&W RS-3s in 1956

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Hi Alvie;

The Stewart (now Bowser) Ph III body kit is the closest.

For the chassis - all are good, plus the roller bearing equipped RS2 chassis are another choice (Walthers/P2K and Kato)


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Hi all,

I've always been fond of RS-3s and upon realizing quickly that the N&W acquired eight of them as their first diesels in 1955 I've decided I'd like to investigate modelling them in HO-scale.

First off, I've not found any models painted in the as-delivered paint scheme which I understand is all-over black with Dulux gold lettering yes? I know they were originally numbered 92-99 then renumbered 300-307 in 1956.

Of those created by Athearn/MDC, Atlas and Bachmann which would be closest to a Phase-III unit? if I cannot acquire a Phase III unit I'll use whatever's the best stand-in. Can anyone recommend a good decal set? I understand the steam engine decals might be a good choice but wanted to get a second opinion.

Thank you in advance
Alvie Hearren
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