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The real problem you have is you didn’t think out the track before adding structures. None of the work-arounds will work as well as planning from the beginning. I designed and layed out my track before even one building was put in place. I can swap the buildings around to get the look I’m after, and with the spacing right. Of course I re-read John Armstrong’s Book “Track Planning for realistic Operation” before I started.

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the 1930’s

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What has been a seemingly insurmountable problem to date: I need a l/h curved tournout to get to my (very nice!) BTS coal tipple. After waiting for 3+ months from Walthers for a #4 turnout, it turns out that the outer curve is 22" and the inner is 18" - WAY too broad. What I really need is an outer of 15" and an inner radii of about 12=13" or so. HO code 83.

I don't think I have the expertise to build it myself - anybody know of where I could buy one? I thought maybe a trolley stub switch might work but so far have drawn a blank.

If anybody can help, thanks.

Ed Svitil
Norfolk & Western Railway


Mark Lindsey
ODIN Desktop Support

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