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Ed; If you remove the outside sub-rail tie braces you should be able to further reduce the curvature of the turnout. When you turn the turout over, there should be a series of braces that hold the ties together that run on the bottom side of the rail. You can remove every other one in order to help change the curvature. You'll see pretty quick how small of a radius you can reach. I doubt that you will be able to get as small as you appear to need without hand laying the turnout. I don'y know of anyone who has ever mad a turnout that tight. Regards,Russ GoodwinBuford, GA
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What has been a seemingly insurmountable problem to date: I need a l/h curved tournout to get to my (very nice!) BTS coal tipple. After waiting for 3+ months from Walthers for a #4 turnout, it turns out that the outer curve is 22" and the inner is 18" - WAY too broad. What I really need is an outer of 15" and an inner radii of about 12=13" or so. HO code 83.

I don't think I have the expertise to build it myself - anybody know of where I could buy one? I thought maybe a trolley stub switch might work but so far have drawn a blank.

If anybody can help, thanks.

Ed Svitil
Norfolk & Western Railway

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