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I'm using a mix of Bluepoint and Bullfrog manual switch machines.

Both have advantages, but if I were to commit to one right now, it would be the Bullfrog- the throw is more positive, they're less expensive an they a rugged (and clever) design.

I go down one wire size - the wire that comes with it - its too strong for 1.25" subroadbed. As a side note, I go up one wire size with the Bluepoints.

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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> Or how about the Blue Point Switch Machines and Switch Tender machines available in the MicroMark catalog. Anyone ever try those?


> Greg Harrod

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> Has anyone here tried the model 'Lever' controls from humpyard.com to control turnouts?

> I love the idea, and the look.


> Dave Willis

> (blt 1962, c/n 4)



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