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      I have the tender that was made to match the original Bachmann J. The ones that i have not painted for a locomotive have had the original paint stripped and will be in pieces. i hope that will be ok.  I will check to see where they are. I have most of my trains packed away as I await to find a suitable house now that divorce is final. I do have a lot of big steam on my excursion roster. I have N&W A's 1218 & 1242 , J 611 , (2) Y3, (2) Y6B,  Southern Tennessean, Cresent Limited, 4501, NKP 765 & 779, VGN BA 508, VGN AG #906, VGN 2-8-8-2 #903, C&O Allegheny, C&O Kanawha, C&O Greenbrier 614 , RF&P Statesman and Governor and a UP Big Boy but it have an aux tender made from another centipede tender. I am very particular about my steam pulling matching aux tenders, HaHa. I will let you know as soon as i can.

Jon Kelley

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Not sure from your description which auxillary tenders you got, but that is a good price for either. The aux tenders used in the excursions were originally from the L&N 2-8-4's, and are about the same length as an N&W 22K tender. The Bachmann model of these (done for the original Bachmann J) is rather crudely detailed in comparison to the Spectrum N&W aux tender, which is a well detailed model of the aux tenders Roanoke make out of 16K tenders. These are shorter than a 22K tender (and shorter than the aux tenders made from L&N tenders). These were all gone by the time of the steam excursion program, thus the ex-L&N tenders were used. Bachmann offered this Spectrum tender in a variety of road names and paint jobs, including one with the N&W red stripe (which, one way or the other, is not correct) It is a good source of parts, as it has the T40 trucks and the roll top cistern. The trucks are correct for a few other N&W tenders, including the N&W design 12K, which ended up on most of the M's. I plan to use the body shell (with some modifications) to do a Virginian tender, possibly for a PA.
Do you have any left for which you don't have a use? 2 dozen is a lot of excursion tenders.
Jim Nichols

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         I got a REALLY good deal a few years ago at a train show for 2 dozen of the original Bachmann aux excursion tenders, $250 for the lot. I have been upgrading, repainting and super detailing them to go with all my steam engines that i run as excursion steam on my layout. As far as this discussion the both are nice from the ones i have run in my operating group. I know they are prototypically correct but they look a little short behind my BLI A & J. They run and look great. they appear to be weighted adequately. I run modern day NS with steam excursions on a ficticious area throughout the Shenandoah Valley .


Jon Kelley

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