auxiliary tenders, BLI vs. Spectrum

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         I got a REALLY good deal a few years ago at a train show for 2 dozen of the original Bachmann aux excursion tenders, $250 for the lot. I have been upgrading, repainting and super detailing them to go with all my steam engines that i run as excursion steam on my layout. As far as this discussion the both are nice from the ones i have run in my operating group. I know they are prototypically correct but they look a little short behind my BLI A & J. They run and look great. they appear to be weighted adequately. I run modern day NS with steam excursions on a ficticious area throughout the Shenandoah Valley .

Jon Kelley

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On ebay, "The Favorite Spot" frequently puts the Spectrum aux tenders up for auction, including the N&W black ones. Run a search of their items now and then and occasionally you will find them. Generally, they go for less than even the discounters ask. And, yes, I buy them with other road names, which will involve repainting; but sometimes you can get the black N&W ones. The N&W with red stripe is not correct for any era, since none of the original Aux tenders was ever painted that way. They were all scrapped before the excursion program.

Jim Nichols

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I personally think the Spectrum auxiliary tenders can be used "as is", though they do need numbers, as no road number is painted on the model. I have compared it to the earlier Bachmann auxiliary tender (which is modeled after the excursion tender) and I find this one in detail and appearance the superior model.
Lois J. Ponton
Friends of the 611

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Subject: auxiliary tenders, BLI vs. Spectrum
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Hi all, 

So there are two models of N&W Auxiliary tenders out there. Of the two, which one represents the '40s/50s variant and the other those used in excursion service? And of the two, which is seriously the better model? I one time owned the Spectrum variant and thought it looked good, but would imagine the BLI model is quite sublime. The Spectrum model, if you're willing to strip and repaint can be had quite inexpensively, while the BLI models if you can find them are not surprisingly way more expensive. 

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