early diesels on the Abingdon (was): Y, A, J on the Abingdon Branch?

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Abandoned: Abingdon, Virginia - West Jefferson, North Carolina * N&W 34.90 July 30, 1976

Well…this consist shows a GP-30 (a 500 series with dynamic/brakes) and a GP-9 or 18. I never recall seeing GP-30’s. So one could speculate GP-35’s, GP-40s, and GP-38AC’s unless there were weight restrictions for any 4 axle units. I’m in North Georgia currently (driving back to AR today) so I’ll look at some timetables from 1964 to 1976 and see if it shows any locomotive class descriptions. SD’s I’m sure never ran on the line.

Ed Painter – Narrows, VA; living in Russellville, AR

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To see the text article that goes with these images, and other 1965 creeper images visit:


Interesting text and photos. Good find!

- Roger Link

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A gentleman by the name of Richard Smith posted this picture (among others, many nice shots) from a visit he made in 1965.


Dave Phelps

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