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Please do not use latex gloves; use nitrile gloves.

• latex dissolves in solvents (including alcohol) like those used in paint (even the chemicals is water based paint).
• latex residue can transfer to your mode l ; ruining the paint job.
• many people are deathly allergic to latex
• paint chemicals can get through the latex, and then through your skin.

Nitrile gloves are widely available; Harbor Freight stocks them.

when using nitrile gloves, if you are extremely concerned about contamination, after putting on the gloves, wash your hands with alcohol. Alcohol will have no adverse effect on the nitrile.

the hard disk drive industry - which is hyper sensitive to contamination; far more so than NASA or semi conductor; uses Nitrile gloves.

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And further to this this thread, once I priced the spray booths in MicroMark I also built my own. 5 pieces of scrap plywood as big as you want (maybe 12" deep by 12" high by 18" wide, mount a bathroom fan behind an furnace air filer, wire a switch to the fan and you're good to go. I also put an old lazy susan inside to rotate the parts as I paint 'em with an old gooseneck lamp to light it up.

Don't forget the respirator, industrial standard air mask. Latex gloves are also handy.

Ed Svitil
Norfolk & Western Railway

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Greg, if you want to give me your email address I can send you as many pics as you need.

Doug Langlitz

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Photos of your spray booth would be great. I was thinking of cobbling one together out of some scrap luan plywood I have, and using a bathroom or kitchen exhaust fan to vent the fumes out the garage door.

Greg Harrod

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Good ventilation is a must, as is a respirator and gloves. Nitrile gloves for solvent base paints. And while we're spending your money another tool that comes in very handy is a spray booth. The commercially available ones are pretty pricey, but you can build your own fairly inexpensively. I've built a few for less then $100 with a good quality fan. I could email some photos of mine if you would like to see how it was built.

Good luck
Doug Langlitz
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