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I have the MTH class J. I am the wrong person for prototype questions. The
MTH has a few nicer features, one the drawbar is all the connection you need
no wires between the tender and loco. Two the all metal construction ....
its nice and it pulls well. The drivers are sprung and it takes 18" turns if
you have a small layout. Also the sound it quite good, not Soundtraxx good
but good. I like the MTH color better on the red. The MTH has something like
28 functions so you need a good dcc system to use them, or dcs (give up
already mike you lost this fight) Last the MTH has sync smoke with the chuff
effect [It will spend most of the time turned off it sounds cool but it
wears off and some people hate the smell). The bad is that the drawbar is
longer than it needs to be and creates a gap that is larger that it should
be...you can call up mth and get a shorter drawbar...but its part of the
system so it requires some work. Also DCS does not support the amount of
CV's you would expect and you can only old style consist them. VERY LAST it
runs like a swiss watch even at step one, and these days you cannot argue
with something that works..... :( OH and here

The BLI has mostly the same looks, with a different drawbar system that
includes a plug....which i broke one and had to replace....its fragile. The
paint is different, but since no one can agree what is the right one who
cares. They make some real nice stuff, and if you look around the price
might be good on these. like 250 good.


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> wrote:


> I had my Overland Brass J stolen a couple of weeks ago along with some

> other household items. Unfortunately I made a mistake and thought this

> engine was covered under my exisiting collection policy but i did not send

> them pictures and info after purchase. I do not want another brass J as I

> ran it very often. I am looking for an excursion version of 611.




> What are the differences between the MTH HO and Broadway Limited class J's?


> Is one more prototypical than the other?


> Thanks


> Jon Kelley



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