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> There are quite a few difference between the C&O/N&W 0-8-0 and the

> Lifelike USRA model. The most obvious to me is the angle on the lower

> front of the cab. This is fairly easy to do with a razor saw on the

> plastic lifelike model. Then there is the superheater header behind

> the stack, different dome placement, turret cover in front of the cab,

> recessed handrail above cab windows, lower running boards over the

> cylinders, walkways under the cab, and details like front-end throttle

> linkage, low-water alarm, and optional over-fire jets to name a

> few. Then there is the removal of the fireman's side air tank to add a

> 2nd air-pump, running board bump, and shorter air tank. And of course

> tender fuel bunker modifications.


Agreed, all the above would need to be done for a real good conversion;
however, a good standin model can be achieved with the few changes from
the original post. I would do the headlight & bell mods already
mentioned, drop on a PSC low-water alarm, and modify the tender top.
Using the 4-15 rule - how it looks from 4 feet away and moving at 15 mph
- it will do the job.

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