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There are quite a few difference between the C&O/N&W 0-8-0 and the
Lifelike USRA model. The most obvious to me is the angle on the lower
front of the cab. This is fairly easy to do with a razor saw on the
plastic lifelike model. Then there is the superheater header behind
the stack, different dome placement, turret cover in front of the
cab, recessed handrail above cab windows, lower running boards over
the cylinders, walkways under the cab, and details like front-end
throttle linkage, low-water alarm, and optional over-fire jets to
name a few. Then there is the removal of the fireman's side air tank
to add a 2nd air-pump, running board bump, and shorter air tank. And
of course tender fuel bunker modifications.

All-in-all I would try and find one of the old PFM C&O/N&W 0-8-0
brass models. They are not that hard to find, or that expensive, and
the engine is just right. All you need to do to it is correct the
tender fuel bunker, which can be made up of styrene sheet and ACC'ed
to the brass tender.

There are plans for the S1 in "Norfolk and Western Steam - the last
25 Years". They could be copied to correct HO scale and styrene
pieces cut to match, to make up the N&W coal bunker.

Dave Ayers

On Jan 11, 2011, at 4:32 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

If I wanted to take my proto USRA 0-8-0 and make it closely resemble
a S1/S1a what all would I have to do?

List so far-
1. Center the headlight.
2. Mount the bell on front.
3. Add another air compressor??
4. Adjust the tender.

The tender is the main concern. Any suggestions?
Anything else I am missing on this list?

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