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That's a great idea Marty. It could even be a living data base updated as new models are offered or when previously unknown information is discovered. I think too... as a part of compiling the data it would be good to solicit information from the membership as a whole to see what falls out of the trees. Additionally, consulting some of the more knowledgeable, long time brass dealers and collectors who are still out there could also offer valuable information. There always has been confusion with things like multiple runs with variations of the same locomotive by an builder/importer (what date? How many were built? What were the differences in the runs?) I think I'll start compiling some Excel spread sheets from the data and information I already have.
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OK, Frank and Ed, please be sure to write up your results in a manner that can be posted to the NWHS web site. (PDF, maybe?) This is a topic that belongs on a FAQ list somewhere.

- Marty Swartz
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Yes. It would be fun. I find it interesting how many errors and omissions there are in the books that have been published on brass models. This could be an opportunity to compile a very accurate and complete listing of locomotives (steam, diesel, and electric), cabs, freight cars, passenger cars, and misc. equipment produced in brass from Japan and Korea. Likewise it could also include specific N&W prototypes produced in plastic.

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