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Tue Jan 18 18:09:08 EST 2011

Hi y'all,

For the first time in 8-years, I am buying a brass model. In this case an
NWSL N&W Dynamometer car. I haven't researched the model to much, but did
see one photo in The N&W Handbook and thought the model looked pretty good
compared to prototype photos. If I am not satisfied, at least I can sell a
used brass for a much better return then some used plastic models.
The model I am getting from Bruce's Train Shop is unpainted, and in the
event it does not have usable decals, if any at all, what are some good
decal sets to use in it's place? Hopefully some still in production? :) I'm
doing some research now on how to remove tarnish, if needed, before painting
and of course, how to paint brass models. I've never done so before, but
understand it involves a significant amount of prep-time. If I'm painting
myself, I'd like to use Scalecoat paint, not Scalecoat II, as I understand
it can be baked so an extra durable finish.

Thank you
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