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You can turn it around and insert code 70 or 100, whichever meets your needs. I suggest a tight fit and a drop of glue as you insert the rail. Color code one or both ends for quick id. Cal Reynolds.
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I saw a article in MR a few months back, Take a small piece of code 83 rail and file the one end to use as a wedge. Drill a hole in a small dowel rod and glue this into the rod. You can then then use it to start the rail joiners without cutting up your fingers. Besides try doing it in Nscale. Joe G

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Many thanks to those who explained that N&W sand towers were a dark color, as in the photo.

Another frustration that I'm sure others have encountered - laying Shinohara flex track with code 83 rail joiners. Is there some trick to getting them one juuuuuust a bit easier? I spend an inordinate amount of time with small pliers and too often end up with the joiner stuck in my thumb about 3 inches!

I grabbed some old code 100 joiners and they went on REAL easy, but I'm worried that electical conductivity will suffer.

Howdy Ed

Use a small screwdriver to open the ends of the code 83 joiners. That will help. Also use a file on the ends of the rail - top and bottom of the base - to taper the area that slides into the joiner.

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