Trackside signs in HO -- any interest?

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Sun Apr 25 21:11:27 EDT 2010

Count me in for a set or two, and N scale too.

Jeff Cornelius

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Iinterested in producing N&W trackside signs in HO.  So far, folks
haveindicated that whistle (W), DO NOT TRESPASS … and yard limit signs
are ofinterest.  If the signs are made they would consist of cast resin
targetswith raised lettering and border (if possible using rapid
prototypingtechnology), cast resin copies of the small rail used for
mounting posts(equivalent to code 55 or 70) and decals with black
text/borders for those notinterested in trying your hand at painting
the slightly raised text on mycastings. Ifyou wish to see these signs
produced as described above, please contact meoff-list with your
comments and/or suggestions for other signs. Jim KingSmoky Mountain
Model Works, Inc.Ph. (828)
777-5619&lt;; _________________________
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