O Scale Passenger Car Decal Question

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What was nice about Sam’s O decals is that the name and strips were the
length of the cars which made the sheets 12 ½ inches long (no Splicing).

He included County, College, etc. names, with the single and double stripes,
and numbers. Sam also did the O J decals (not to be confused with O J

Stephen Rineair

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Thanks for your honest input. I didn't know Sam had done the set in O. Sam,
if you are listening... Do you still have some? I may have a customer for

I think I will hold off on that set for a while.

On another note, I am releasing our newest set, HO134, N134 and O134 in
about 6 weeks. This set is for the N&W cars that were painted in Union
Pacific colors. HO Scale proof is attached.


Richard D. Shell

ShellScale Decals

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