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The leaf spring is poorly depicted in these trucks. Jim - it isn't supposed to contact the equalizer; the bottom of the leaf spring rides on a spring plank suspended from the side frames by swing hangers. The side frames are connected together by cross members outboard of the leaf springs and the swing hangers are suspended from those cross members. But the leaf spring could be extended far enough inboard of the equalizer so that you wouldn't have that objectionable open space there. The leaf springs were in series with the springs between the equalizers and the side frames.


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The "new" color appears to be a little better than the original. Ditto the roof. Having held Grant Carpenter's M1 in my hands, I would agree that the red is a little lighter than I would prefer and the roof color is really not acceptable. So Division Point appears to be going in the right direction. Trucks look a little funny - why doesn't the leaf spring contact the equalizer (lower member)? Jim Nichols

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Subject: Baggage car samples

Here are photos of the N&W BEj baggage car production samples by Division Point.
First photo is a color comparison photo .Comments?

Stephen Rineair

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