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My items that could and should be made are the t-6 I have asked Atlas to make this one and an S-6 as they have a chassis ready to go.

I do agree we need a good Z class of locomoitves.

Mike Ritschdorff

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The following are brass projects that I would like to have:

N&W RS3 – being considered as an exclusive thru a dealer very limited (10 models only?)
N&W Jawn Henry – orders request almost achieved for production by Division Point
N&W V1 4-6-0
N&W W6 0-8-0
N&W Abington Branch M’s 4-8-0
N&W M2 Automatic
N&W dome car
N&W Z1a and Z1b in correct details – too/too many mistakes on PSC model including wrong color on number boards
N&W GP9 Red and Bluebirds
N&W/CW DL440/T6

Any other suggestions?
Stephen Rineair

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