3rd Rail Y6a & Y6b

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I do not believe you will have rivet counters critique this model as they
would have purchased the Kohs Y6a's.

The Sunset model generally is expected to have a certain number of flaws for
the price. Scott does not get into

the different details as the roller or friction bearing tender trucks as
used on the different #'s of the Y6a. As a matter of fact,

as stated in the Kohs website, Sunset used the Kohs Y6b photo, not the
Sunset model, so what you saw is not what you get.

The Sunset models are a great value for what they are. I sold my N&W
Buffalo and regret doing so. Still looking for one.

Wish they would do the O Scale N&W Z's, PSC's were worse than what Sunset
would have done.

Stephen Rineair

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I have the Y6a version. It is a very nice model. Runs very smooth. The only
big issue that I have is that it comes with a cold water pump under the
fireman's side. There are a couple of minor mistakes, but, I'll let others
do the rivet counting. Knowing that the Y6a was pretty much an after thought
and seeing what an amalgamation of Y eras the pilot model encompassed, Scott
did an amazing job to bring this one back from the ashes so quickly.

I like that the sander nozzles are there as well as the water gauge on the

I haven't seen the Y6b version yet. I just hope they aren't missing the cold
water pump.

BTW, two road numbers of the Y6a were produced, #2156 & #2165. If anyone
would like to trade a #2165 for a #2156, please let me know.

Jimmy Lisle

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