3rd Rail Y6a & Y6b

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Sat Dec 5 21:31:56 EST 2009

I have the Y6a version. It is a very nice model. Runs very smooth. The only big issue that I have is that it comes with a cold water pump under the fireman's side. There are a couple of minor mistakes, but, I'll let others do the rivet counting. Knowing that the Y6a was pretty much an after thought and seeing what an amalgamation of Y eras the pilot model encompassed, Scott did an amazing job to bring this one back from the ashes so quickly.

I like that the sander nozzles are there as well as the water gauge on the tender.

I haven't seen the Y6b version yet. I just hope they aren't missing the cold water pump.

BTW, two road numbers of the Y6a were produced, #2156 & #2165. If anyone would like to trade a #2165 for a #2156, please let me know.

Jimmy Lisle
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