N&W maroon passenger cars in 1949 (NW Modeling List)

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Thu Dec 3 12:01:10 EST 2009

N&W Red goes back to at least the 1890s.

The Pullmans were green, but all but maybe one were painted red after N&W bought them in the late 40s.

Mark Peele
N&W in N scale


> So they had always been in Tuscan red?  For some odd

> reason I had been led to believe that Pullman green had been

> used but if the red was what was used that helps me on my

> freelanced line as well.  I don't know... I guess it

> was the heavyweight Pullman cars that probably led me to

> think that, since they are listed as being Pullman green

> until the early 50s even though N&W got their few in the

> late-40s. 

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