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The heavyweight Pullmans were green because that was the way Pullman had
painted them. All but one were eventually repainted in N&W Tuscan red (with
gold stripes, no less!). Jim Nichols

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>In any era, all N&W passenger cars were painted the same color.

So they had always been in Tuscan red? For some odd reason I had been led
to believe that Pullman green had been used but if the red was what was used
that helps me on my freelanced line as well. I don't know... I guess it was
the heavyweight Pullman cars that probably led me to think that, since they
are listed as being Pullman green until the early 50s even though N&W got
their few in the late-40s. Now I won't feel so bad if I go ahead and use
the same red on my passenger equipment as well. Don't get me wrong, I like
Pullman green (I am also a huge Southern fan logging mileage on a number of
the Amtrak era trains, as well as the "Crescent" after Amtrak's take over)
but that wine... oh, its so mighty fine!!! I have been a fan of it since
Southern first borrowed the N&W's "Alta Vista" car for a Kentucky Derby
Special not long after moving to N.C. from California. I was thrilled to be
able to see the green E8s and all the business cars but having the N&W 800
on the end made it all that much more sweet!!!
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I hate getting old... I have learned a lot of things, I just can't remember
much of it anymore.

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