N&W maroon passenger cars in 1949

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In any era, all N&W passenger cars were painted the same color. Contrary to
some reports, the "old red" was metallic also. However, you are not going to
have to worry about that in a model paint. The so called "new red", which
first appeared on the passenger GP9's appears to have had more metallic
particles in it than before. Plus, the elimination of lead from the paint
created a situation where subsequent repaintings were with the so called
"new red." For modeling purposes, I think you can ignore the difference. I
suggest you find a shade that looks good to you and paint all N&W cars with
it. If you want an "out-of-the-bottle" color, I suggest you consider
Floquil's Wisconsin Central Maroon. It is a little darker than I like, but
as close as you will find with a pre-mixed color. Jim Nichols

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My freelanced RR is set in 1949 and hopefully will include some passenger
cars from the N&W as run-through cars. What I am needing to know is how
wide spread would the application of the maroon be during the late-40s to
older, heavyweight cars. Would head-end cars be carrying this paint? And
which "version" of the paint would they have, the red or the metallic?

Any help would be appreciated!!!
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