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I have a question concerning the Abington Branch does anyone have any detailed maps of the line? I was on my Fedex Home Delivery route there in Todd and West J and was trying to figure it all out. what gets me is those bridge piers out on railroad grade road were they part of the rail line? tony

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It's an F9, one part of an A-B-B-A set which generally travels together.  I'm sure others will comment on the history and origins of the 4 locomotives, as they are not originally Southern or N&W.  The road numbers pick up after the last of the Southern F units, I believe.

There are LOTS of pictures all over the internet if these infernal beasts.

As for modeling, an Athearn F7 is pretty close, especially if you can get one of the sets they released in NS paint.  As far as I know, there are no decals available for these engines.  The colors are standard Southern tuxedo - black, imitation aluminum (very light gray) and duluxe gold (yellow).  The exact paint match is a hotly debated topic among Southern circles, much like the "perfect" tuscan red is here.

Kenneth Rickman

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> Mailing list:

> What is the class number of NS's #4271?  E-'something'?

> Are they used in pairs, A-A (coupled tail to tail?) or A-B?

> In the case of MU, does the 'set' have one engine number or different numbers?

> Are there more images available?

> Is more information available in one of the Society Books?

>   Modeling list:

> What HO scale model(s) is a good starting point for this locomotive?

> [Ducking for cover as I ask this] What are the colors and what paints could you recommend?

>  (image attached)

>  Dave Willis

> (blt 1962, c/n 4)


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