Norfolk Southern Business Locomotive #4271

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The last time I was in Roanoke, Rail Yard had the Athearn F7 set in stock.

Dick Dunford

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> Dave,


> It's an F9, one part of an A-B-B-A set which generally travels together.

> I'm sure others will comment on the history and origins of the 4

> locomotives, as they are not originally Southern or N&W. The road numbers

> pick up after the last of the Southern F units, I believe.


> There are LOTS of pictures all over the internet if these infernal beasts.


> As for modeling, an Athearn F7 is pretty close, especially if you can get

> one of the sets they released in NS paint. As far as I know, there are no

> decals available for these engines. The colors are standard Southern

> tuxedo - black, imitation aluminum (very light gray) and duluxe gold

> (yellow). The exact paint match is a hotly debated topic among Southern

> circles, much like the "perfect" tuscan red is here.


> Kenneth Rickman


> NW Modeling List wrote:

>> Mailing list:

>> What is the class number of NS's #4271? E-'something'?

>> Are they used in pairs, A-A (coupled tail to tail?) or A-B?

>> In the case of MU, does the 'set' have one engine number or different

>> numbers?

>> Are there more images available?

>> Is more information available in one of the Society Books?

>> Modeling list:

>> What HO scale model(s) is a good starting point for this locomotive?

>> [Ducking for cover as I ask this] What are the colors and what paints

>> could you recommend?

>> (image attached)

>> Dave Willis

>> (blt 1962, c/n 4)


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