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Oh Please, Next thing you know we will be comparing it to Pennsy Black or
Penn Central Black which they will point out it was Brunswick Locomotive
Green or some such thing. The point is this:

The N&W hauled coal and coke. Up until the 70's when the emission/pollution
controls got more stringent on locomotives and also around the coal mines,
everything was covered in coal dust. Diesel locomotives also spewed out
black. So the question begs to answer did the paint fade or was it covered
in grime or both. I have been modeling and running my N&W locomotives at
train-shows and open houses and no-one has come up and asked me if that was
the right color of N&W black. The only time you probably could get
criticized is weathering the crap out of a Claytor scheme diesel when you
are modeling 1981 or 1982; light weathering would be fine.

As for blue, look at the Bower and Withers books on N&W diesels. Blue did
not hold up well in the few color photos I saw of them. I was just between
8-11 years old when the blue scheme was being applied, but I don't remember
seeing much of it. The blue ones I do remember had a lot of black dirt on

Unless someone has a specific photograph of a certain date, you can't really
go wrong with weathering and fading. One thing modelers do forget about
when they are weathering is the nice clean section about shoulder height
around the walkways and doors. This happens because the crew member's
clothing has rubbed against it and wiped down the dirt.

As for the Southern locomotives fading to a richer black, well that maybe
true, but they probably did not work as much in a dirty grimy environment
like the West Virginia coal fields.

I have said my two cents worth, now it it off to listen to sports radio to
still hear them talk about the Patriots decision to go for it on 4th and 2

A.J. Gemperline

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> Don't laugh. Norfolk and Western's black actually faded to a different

> sheen than Southern's black. Southern faded to a richer black it that makes

> any

> sense.


> Richard D. Shell

> Troutville, VA



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> What would be the nearest match for Virginian black. Smehow it must

> be different to N&W black....


> Peter North

> Norfolk, England


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