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That RS-36 life history would make an interesting photo essay for the Arrow.

Don Trettel


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>From my recollections (and thousands of 35mm slides) of the pre-NS N&W

black locomotives; that the locomotives were usually so dirty that any
aspect of shade or fade was/is very difficult to discern. When washed they
ended up with horizontal streaks or even peeling paint due to the strength
of the cleaning solvents from the washer. After any length of service time
they never particularly looked clean again.

Thinking of N&W's locomotive washing in the 70's reminds me of one ex-NKP
RS-36 that I photographed multiple times at Brewster. Oh (between 1971 and
78 I lived in Northeastern Ohio and went to Brewster almost weekly). Over
time this particular RS-36 went from faded N&W Pevler blue/yellow - to
newly painted NW black/white - to dirty NW black/white - and after being
washed back to faded N&W Pevler blue (with some black) - and finally to
about 50% NKP black/yellow lettering and strips and 50% very faded N&W
Pevler blue/yellow.

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, AR

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Don't laugh. Norfolk and Western's black actually faded to a different sheen
than Sothern's black. Southern faded to a richer black it that makes any

Richard D. Shell

Troutville, VA

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What would be the nearest match for Virginian black. Somehow it must
be different to N&W black....

Peter North
Norfolk, England
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