Walthers PS 10-6 Sleeper

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This is a typical Walthers reply. The person who answered this question probably didn't have a clue what you were talking about. Look at it: They can do the 10-6 in RF&P which only had three cars like it, but they can't do N&W or L&N? Several years ago when they produced a Budd observation car based on Seaboard plans they didn't do one lettered Seaboard. I made an inquiry about it, and the answer was that it wouldn't sell well. But then they turned around and did the car in Seaboard as well as the Pullman and Budd version of the 52 seat coach. Go figure. They will do it if they want to and only if they want to.

Rick Morrison
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I just got an email from Walthers. I had been in contact with them concerning the approaching HO model of the RF&P PS 10-6 model. I asked if they could also do them as N&W S-2 sleepers (Sussex County, Buchanan County & McDowell County) and the 3 L&N cars in the same plan 4140 series.

They said their marketing & research dept didn't see any need for these paint schemes.

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