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There are several choices of a 2-8-2 with 63” drivers as a starting point for the chassis. The boiler? Check out the diameter of the courses on a USRA 2-8-8-2 boiler. Pretty much the same, just shorter. Of course you wouldn’t want to waste a Proto Y3, but how about the boiler from an AHM/Rivarossi Y6b? Biggest problem would be moving the cylinders for the 4 wheel lead truck and the new rods this would require. Tender, of course, is now available. Not true when Jim Teese did his E3, but his use of the Bachmann auxiliary (the old one) suggests that the new one would be a good economical starting place. Or you could just rob one from the Proto Y3. Jim Nichols

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. Sunset offered a K3 by Samhongsa. Bashing a K3 would be a bit more of a project.


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