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I model the 1930's which may be a little early for most, and the pre-
WWI loco's and cars are a pain to get right, but I model area in south-
western Virginia, with lots of hills, and cuts and small towns just
starting up. I generally follow the practices and such of the N&W
where I can find pictures to imitate. There is lots of activity east
of Honaker.... I have W's, M's a load of Y3's and the occasional Z1,
K3, and USRA K2's. The glaring omission is the HU and HUa hoppers
which Lifelike dropped the ball on. They would have been perfect
behind their Y3's. Sadly, Westerfield was going to do it, but he
retired instead. I have a few HP's to build, and maybe make molds of
so I can have more. I do have the one HR, but it was a one of a kind.
I don't have or want the E's, but still might cobble one from a Bowser
K4 and N&W tender.

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the1930's

On Oct 31, 2009, at 2:04 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:

The Kenova District between Williamson and Portsmouth or anything
Roanoke eastward towards Norfolk would give you troop trains, long
coal trains and Class A's. I'm working towards mid to late 50's on my
layout, but if I was doing WWII era I would have to include at least
one unstreamlined J1. I think there is a picture of a J1 in Ken
Miller's J book doubleheading on a troop train. What a brutish
looking 4-8-4!! I guess the biggest drawback I see for my personal
taste for the WWII era on the N&W is the exclusion of the Y6b. I
guess its all in what you want.

Chris Dalton,
Bluefield, WV

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