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Jim is right as is Bill McClure. The best that a paint committee can do is
provide a model standard color to manufacturers so, hopefully, the models
all have a similar color. It may or may not be prototypical- and it
shouldn't be due to lighting differences from sunlight to indoor lighting.
Is this what the modeling community is seeking? What do you think?

Gary Rolih

Secretary N&WHS


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The alternative, of course, is for each modeler to paint his own. I do that,
but obviously a lot of people don't want to or don't feel competent to do
so. We could have a self-appointed "paint" committee; but my guess is that
they wouldn't be able to build consensus either. Otherwise, why has this
argument gone on for twenty five years? We just have to live with it, and
rejoice when somebody paints a model in a shade which looks good to us. The
color on the DP car could be better, but I don't think it is unacceptable.
But then, I don't intend to pay that high a price for an M1. I will build
one with plastic and paint it with my personal version of N&W Tuscan. BTW,
the detail work on the DP model is excellent. Jim Nichols

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There is no question the NWHS Modeling Committee should be flogged then
fired for not getting the color "right". Again!

But, then, we wouldn't have the cars at all without their efforts...

What good is having the cars if they can't get the paint "right"?

But they provided the data to the importer....

Yeah, but what good is that if the builder ignores it or gets it wrong!

Yada, yada, yada.... Boring!


Some builders are committed to accuracy and are willing to work with folks;
some are not. Rich Yoder worked tirelessly with a group of members to get
his VGN gons as "right" as possible and should be praised for so doing.
Sunset is doing the same thing for its VGN AE project. But at the end of the
day, the projects belong to the vendors, not to us. We vote with our pocket

Just a thought: if we can't agree on N&W Tuscan...and I have yet to see a
consensus...then how is a manufacturer to know? (Don't tell me color drift
cards, because there is a big difference between that color...pick a
color...and the same color on an HO model under indoor lighting.) The Pennsy
group has worked for years, without a conclusion, trying to build consensus
on scale mixes for PRR Tuscan, Brunswick Green, and Freight Car Color. At
the end of the day, ya' likes what ya' likes. I'm just thrilled that in 2001
a builder is willing to tackle something as obscure as a one-off class of

Now about those VGN heavyweights....

Bill McClure

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