Atlas announces N scale offset 2 bay hoppers in N&W

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Fri Oct 16 10:54:00 EDT 2009

Atlas has announced their 2 bay offset hopper in the N&W 1963-1970 "hamburger" scheme:

These represent class H-51 ex-P&WV cars built in 1947 - acquired by N&W in the October 1964 merger. Cars in this class were off the roster by the early 1970s (per the Dow book).

Based on the artwork and recent Atlas N&W hopper offerings, I expect the printing and lettering to be crisp and accurate.

I don't think I mentioned this before, but the next run of Atlas N scale Alco C420s will be offered in N&W:

See the Atlas website for details.

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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