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Ed: you stated the obvious regarding the color of the red. The photo I supplied DP was of an M1 freshly painted. What red DP choose to paint the car is their business. If anyone wants to see the M1 models in a properly lit photo go to www.DivisionPoint.com. There are two photos of the painted models under the N&W heavyweight pass. car listing. Also if someone is looking for a blue version of a BEj  photo one can be found on page 5 of Jim Nichols book - N&W Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment. Any serious N&W modeler will have a copy of Jim's book and would have known that a photo of the BEj was within.  Also railway postal cars did not have "venetian blinds" but were required to have barred windows account the carrying of certified mail containing cash and other valuables.
                                                                                                    Harold Davenport

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Same old debate.  When you look at videos or pictures of N&W prototypes the colors go through a range of variation.  As the N&W passenger train passes by the different colors are amazing.  I've pretty much stopped losing sleep over the various colors on models.  If it has more red than PRR Tuscan and stays less red that a fire engine it probably matches one of the cars going by on a N&W passenger consist in the 1950's.
Ed Painter;  Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, AR

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I am seriously considering repainting the model, which I feel should not have to be done for the price.
Even Tom Dressler, George Hughes, Dean Freytag, Jim Nichols(?) at some of the first conventioneers agreed that the IHC/AHM/Rivarossi
Car color is very close (having color paint samples).  Even the newer Branchline N&W kits are a very good color match.
I sure wish our modeling committee could have been at some of the early convention in which the N&W color was discussed
In great lengths so that we could get better color quality control.
I can handle color variations from model to model, but this is a little too far in left field.
I appreciate your suggestion Mike, but not all modelers like to weather their model.
It would be nice if the modeling committee would use pervious produced models as a guide and come
Reasonably close.
Stephen Rineair

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Will you attempt to tone down the red with some black weathering?

Mike Rector


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I received the Division Point M1 RPO cars today.
The car itself looks fantastic! The diaphragms are very well executed, maybe one the best produced yet!
The details on the car are very well done and crisp. The window treatment are excellent with blinds(?) which helps hide the empty interior.
There are no lights in the car, but could be added if one prefers. I will leave my as is for now.
The color, well let me say it’s some type of maroon, red, pinkish color that doesn’t come close to the Overland, Key, Rail Classic, AHM/Rivarossi cars, which are pretty much all the same.
The red looks like the Bachman red which is way far off, that there is no words to describe.
The roofs are charcoal, gray/brown or something I can’t describe but definitely not black. I compared the roofs to the N&W cabooses Division Point produced if they were
trying to do brown roofs, and they are no match.
The roof color doesn’t match any N&W models ever produced that I’ve seen.
The under body and end are black and is very good and detailed.
Division Point has a reputation of screwing up the paint schemes, like the N&W Blue(?) caboose and VGN caboose red.
I am looking forward to the next car, but sure hope they correct the paint.  I personally will call Ken or Jack at DP to let them know.
I give the car a 10, but the  paint a 6.
Stephen Rineair
crineair at fuse.net

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Just wondering, where did you buy your M1 for $396? Thanks, John

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For those that are waiting for  a correct N&W Class BEj Baggage Car (Nos. 110-124) I would recommend waiting for Division Point.
The Rail Classic N&W BEj is a very  poor rendition of the car so I dumped my after realizing all the problems. The Division Point car should sell around the same price of $396 as the M1 RPO.
I have not received my M1’s yet and will give all my take on the red.  I just hope they are not the hideous red as the Bachman passenger red.
Another heads up for the O scale VGN modeler.  Sunset is doing the VGN AE 2-10-10-2 the end of this year.
The O Scale N&W K2a Streamlined is due early 2010.

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