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I’m sorry, Steve, but you can take my name off that list. I never said any such thing. I’m not particularly happy with the Branchline color either. I can’t speak for the others, but I seem to remember that Dressler kept looking for a better match than the IHC/AHM/Rivarossi cars. BTW, the current IHC color is terrible! Haven’t seen the Division Point M1, so can’t comment. But I Have been at this long enough to realize that the choice of a good N&W red is highly subjective. You probably wouldn’t like the way I paint mine either. Jim Nichols

Subject: RE: Division Point N&W passenger cars BEj


I am seriously considering repainting the model, which I feel should not have to be done for the price.

Even Tom Dressler, George Hughes, Dean Freytag, Jim Nichols(?) at some of the first conventioneers agreed that the IHC/AHM/Rivarossi

Car color is very close (having color paint samples). Even the newer Branchline N&W kits are a very good color match.

I sure wish our modeling committee could have been at some of the early convention in which the N&W color was discussed

In great lengths so that we could get better color quality control.

I can handle color variations from model to model, but this is a little too far in left field.

I appreciate your suggestion Mike, but not all modelers like to weather their model.

It would be nice if the modeling committee would use pervious produced models as a guide and come

Reasonably close.

Stephen Rineair

crineair at fuse.net

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