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How do I get the shell of my Bachmann J which is also less than I year old? The motor seems dead and needs looking at. I con do this once I can get i side the thing.

Thanks for your help.

Barry Reeves
Songwriter & Musician

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Mark: Something is loose or
mis-aligned……duh….. Seriously, take the
shell off and look at the gear meshes. If it loads up heavily UNDER
LOAD and then speeds up without load (going down grade) it is likely that
the a gear mesh somewhere is either pinched together – no backlash in one
direction of rotation- or too far apart. I do not know about this model’s
transmission style, but a worm drive where the worm is shifted fore-or-aft over
the worm wheel or is spaced too high above or too low, taking out all of the
backlash, will cause your sort of problems.

Backlash= the space behind the meshing
gears where the driving gear tooth rolling out of mesh from the driven gear
clears the driven gear tooth to the rear. You gotta have some backlash or
the backs of the teeth cut away the opposite gear.

On a worm gear, moving the center of the
worm wheel ‘up or ’down’ away from the centerline of the
changes the backlash. Also, shifting the worm away from or towards the
worm wheel will change the backlash too. This is changes by adding or
subtracting shims behind the worm wheel. Up and down requires mounting

Drivers out of square (opposite pins not
at 90 degrees) and oversize rod bores can cause similar binding/no binding

Loose motor in its mounting is a possibility

Gary Rolih


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J I have is only a year old. The engine won’t pull more than 8
heavyweights up my 2 percent. The big problem is that coming down the
other side it speeds up and the mech freezes, stalls locks, up or some such. I
have the “in service” version with the dual side rods between 2
& 3 drivers.

Mark Lindsey

Stuck in the 1930’s

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Which version of the Bachmann J do you have? If you have the original
Bachman J, then I agree with your assessment of the mechanism. Bowser
used to make a replacement chassis for them. If, however, you have one of
their recent (relatively) Spectrum J models, then I disagree. I think
Bachmann did a fine job with that model. Early ones had some problems
with the trailing truck mechanism causing derailments, but that was easily
fixed. Mine run superbly, and I installed either Soundtraxx DSD decoders,
or Soundtraxx DSX sound decoders with TSX motor decoders. Both work
superbly, although, I know that the newer Tsunami would work even better, but
I'm not changing them. It is easy to fry the lights, but also easy to


Kert Peterson

Fircrest, WA

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ready Ho loco

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The decoder might be set up for 16v lights? Just guessing. I

my J's lights with a Soundtraxx Steam decoder from 2002? era. Sounds

great, but I cooked the LED lights. I'l re-visit the lights with MV

lenses and Grain-Of-Dust lights.

I hate my Bachmann J because of the wimpiest mechanism I've even seen

in a 'modern' HO steam engine.

I'm seriously looking at Gutting it and putting in a real motor and

NWSL gearbox.

This all depends on axle diameter.

My Brazelton "Auto-Quarter" is for 1/8" axles and slightly

Brass imports size.

Mark Lindsey

Stuck n the 1930's.

On Oct 6, 2009, at 3:56 PM, NW Modeling List


I have fitted the above decoder into my Bachmann J which previously

had the DCC ready decoder.

All works well and I am very pleased, but, the lights don't work. The

generator sound comes on but no lights on the loco.

Any ideas please?

Many Thanks

Barry Reeves

Songwriter & Musician

www.northwestlondonblues.co.uk <http://www.northwestlondonblues.co.uk/>

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