Soundraxx Southern Steam decoder into a Bachmann J DCC ready Ho loco

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Fri Oct 9 06:42:41 EDT 2009

They are set for 12-14 vdc for the lights. For LED's use a 1K resistor in
the lighting wires, (white and yellow).
The bulbs are worse.

Give me a call and I can explain further.

Will you be at Bristol?

Rick Bell
DCC Installs and Sales
Soundtraxx Gold Dealer
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> The decoder might be set up for 16v lights? Just guessing. I fried

> my J's lights with a Soundtraxx Steam decoder from 2002? era. Sounds

> great, but I cooked the LED lights. I'l re-visit the lights with MV

> lenses and Grain-Of-Dust lights.

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