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I think the motor on my J has died. I can replace it with a Maxon coreless 6W motor but I can't see how I can get the boiler top off to get at the mechanism.

Please tell me!!

Many thanks

Barry Reeves
Songwriter & Musician

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Subject: Re: Soundraxx Southern Steam decoder into a Bachmann J DCC ready Ho loco
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 18:18:48 -0400
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The decoder might be set up for 16v lights? Just guessing. I fried my J's lights with a Soundtraxx Steam decoder from 2002? era. Sounds great, but I cooked the LED lights. I'l re-visit the lights with MV lenses and Grain-Of-Dust lights.

I hate my Bachmann J because of the wimpiest mechanism I've even seen in a 'modern' HO steam engine. I'm seriously looking at Gutting it and putting in a real motor and NWSL gearbox. This all depends on axle diameter. My Brazelton "Auto-Quarter" is for 1/8" axles and slightly smaller Brass imports size.

Mark LindseyStuck n the 1930's.

On Oct 6, 2009, at 3:56 PM, NW Modeling List wrote:Hi

I have fitted the above decoder into my Bachmann J which previously had the DCC ready decoder.

All works well and I am very pleased, but, the lights don't work. The generator sound comes on but no lights on the loco.

Any ideas please?

Many Thanks

Barry Reeves
Songwriter & Musician

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