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The first Fairbanks-Morse diesels on the N&W were from the Virginian merger in 1959 (H24-66 and H16-44).  There were also some F-M diesels in the '64 merger (H24-66, H20-44, H16-44, H15-44, H12-44 and H10-44).

A VGN unit with a number on the cab side is a post merger unit.  VGN put numbers only in the number boards of thier F-M diesels.


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Where do the Trainmasters fit in?   1959 and later with the merger with VGN?  

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The earliest N&W diesels were Alco RS3 phIII units and EMD GP9 phII units.  Later came the Alco RS11, EMD GP9 ph III and EMD GP18 units.

For RS3 phIII; the only choice is Stewart (now Bowser) 's flat kit.  It can be adapted to the Atlas/Kato RS3 chassis.

For the GP9 and GP18; Proto 2000, and many years ago FRP.  Cary had a metal shell.

Regarding the passenger units, they were GP9 phII and phIII with numerous modifications, especially noticeable is the large fuel/water tank, which is basically the same as a GP20 tank.  Except in brass, there have been no models.

In addition, the N&W did have some E units on short term lease from neighboring roads.  The Society offered custom painted Proto 2000 models of these many years ago.  They occasionally show up on eBay.


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Many thanks to all who helped out with the Kadee  couplings; I have fitted some #505's and am very pleased with the  result.

Can you please advise who makes (made) good DCC HO models of  the earliest diesels used on the N & W RR, both passenger and  freight.


Barry Reeves
Pinner UK


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For a direct replacement, try McHenry #52 for 4-wheel  trucks or #53 for 6-wheel trucks.

Dick Dunford

Blacksburg VA

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I have bought a couple of IHC baggage cars.   Could you please tell me the correct Kaydee coupling No to fit as a  replacement?

Many Thanks

Barry Reeves


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